Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Tanguy and Laverdure

Les Aventures de Tanguy et Laverdure is a Franco-Belgian comics series created by Jean-Michel Charlier and Albert Uderzo, about the two pilots Michel Tanguy and Ernest Laverdure, and their adventures in the French Air Force. Michel Tanguy and Ernest Laverdure are two inseparable friends from the flying school, with completely opposite personalities. While Tanguy is serious, honest and obedient, Laverdure is eccentric, blundering and awkward. However, Laverdure is a strong team mate for Tanguy in difficult situations. Indeed, dangerous missions and spying are everyday tasks for the two pilots, who are flying aces and always efficient defenders of their homeland.

Leaving the Salon-de-Provence Air School, they are sent to the Meknès Air School to improve their knowledge. Just arrived, they must search through the snowy Anti-Atlas to retrieve a lost warhead full of highly-confidential information. Later, Michel Tanguy and Ernest Laverdure join the Cigognes squadron, (which once had included such flying aces as Georges Guynemer) where they pilot the Mirage III plane. Their subsequent adventures lead them to Dijon air base, Tel Aviv and Greenland.

Story based on album published in Indonesia :

1. Pendidikan Para Elang
2. Demi Kehormatan
3. Krisis di Angkasa
4. Skwadron Bangau Putih
5. Penyabotan ke Israel
6. Misi ke Kutub Utara
7. Neraka di Kutub Utara
8. Komplotan Pembunuh Presiden
9. Malaikat Hitam
10.Misi Khusus
11.Tujuan Pasifik
12.Bahaya di Mururoa
13.Letnan Double Bang
14.Pertempuran Padang Pasir
15.Penyerangan Para Vampir
16.Teror dari Udara
17.Kemelut di Sahara
18.Pembajakan DC-8


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