Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Agen 327

Agent 327: 01 - The Case of the Voice Boomer
Original title: Agent 327: 04 - Stemkwadrater

Agent 327 is a playful Dutch action/comedy comic series by artist Martin Lodewijk from 1966 onward, with a hiatus between 1983 and 2000. Featuring the eponymous Agent 327 as a James Bond/Maxwell Smart-like Dutch secret agent who fights for "Righteousness and World Peace", his looks are based on the character of Peter Gunn.
Often partnered with the junoesque Olga Lawina (an agent of the Swiss secret service), his adventures take him around Europe and the rest of the world as he battles numerous parodies of real and fictional villains. The song Denk toch altijd met liefd' aan je moeder by Gerda en Herman Timmerhout is a common feature in the comic and can be used to hideously torture someone or provide a plot-turning emotional reaction.
Download : Agent 327 01 - The Case of the Voice Boomer


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