Friday, 13 May 2011

Princess Navis

Navis is a comic about Navis childhood on her home planet, and are quite different from the main series. It is more comically drawn, more in the style of Le Petite Spirou than Wake, and the stories are also more fitted for children, without the moral dilemmas and problems of the main series.It can of course still be enjoyed by adults, I myself love it
   "Without a doubt the best comic series ever created. The stories are gritty and reflect human nature well, but it contains humour as well. The art is simply breathtaking and varied. The main character Navis visits all kinds of worlds, from lush jungle to wasteland, from fantasy settings to steam punk and back to sci-fi. Every locale is drawn in extreme detail by Philippe Buchet.
Nsob, the robot, is worried about little Navis. She can’t stop herself from playing with these animals which he things are so primitive. He would by far prefer her to stay sheltered in the shuttle and review her lessons. Navis does not particularly want to worry Nsob, but she gets so very bored not having any companions… and thus, a tragic destiny is going to put her on the road to the one who will become her greatest friend: Houyo!

Download here :
1. Houyo

2. Girodouss
3. Latitzoury
4. Princess Navis
5. Poukram


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