Friday, 25 March 2011

Quick and Flupke

Although best known for the Adventures of Tintin, Hergé also wrote a series of 310 short comic strips known as Quick & Flupke (Quick et Flupke in French and Kwik en Flupke in Dutch) about two street urchins in Brussels named, of course, Quick and Flupke. The two boys unintentionally cause trouble, leading to annoyance with their parents and the police. In addition, Hergé also wrote three Jo, Zette and Jocko adventure stories, spread across five books.
      The Quick & Flupke strips were published in black and white on the pages of Le Petit Vingtième starting in January 1930 and continuing until 1940. Some of them were republished in the 50's in Tintin magazine, conceived by Raymond Leblanc, this time colored by Studios Hergé.
      Hergé eventually abandoned the series in order to spend more time on The Adventures of Tintin, his more famous series. After Hergé's death, all the strips were colored by the Studios Hergé and published in two series of books, "Les Exploits de Quick et Flupke" in the 50's and 60's by the Casterman publishing house.

Some editions you can found here:
- QFTome 04 - Toutes voiles dehors.pdf 20.78 MB
- QFTome 12 - Hergé.pdf 9.38 MB
- QFTome 11 - Coups de bluff.pdf 9.86 MB
- QFTome 10 - Farces et attrapes.pdf 13.1 MB 
- QFTome 09 - Catastrophe.pdf 13.44 MB
- QFTome 08 - Vive le progrès.pdf 17.34 MB
- QFTome 07 - Pardon madame.pdf 13.94 MB
- QFTome 06 - Pas de quartier.pdf 21.62 MB
- QFTome 05 - Chacun son tour.pdf 16.46 MB
- QFTome 04 - 4è série.pdf 6.43 MB
- QFTome 03 - Tout va bien.pdf 19.68 MB 
- QFTome 02 - Jeux interdits.pdf 13.09 MB
- QFTome 01 - Haute tension.pdf 17.47 MB

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